Al Walajah village

The Environment project in Al Wallajah village has, throughout its different activities, achieved a wide range of goals and objectives. Some activities directly implemented in October and November by the students and the women of the environment project had several achievements.

Orientation day with 25 students from Al wallajah village to inform and explain the program, and distributed the schedule of activities.

Visiting the UNRWA schools to present a lecture about the project and the water problem in Palestine, the water was tested in the schools with the students.

Presented lecture about the solutions and treatments for contaminated water, and afterwards interpret the data on clean water in an easily accessible and understandable manner to the women of Alwallajah village.

Presentation about making the compost by recycling of the organic material and each woman brought organic materials from their homes such as leftover fruit and vegetables, cut them into small pieces and then mix them with dry grass. After two months we will use the natural fertilizers within the compost, mixed with the soil, for the plants and trees.

Some students of the AlWallajah environment project cleaned the Lajee Center’s Garden and plant flowers and trees in the garden with the help of international volunteers.

Training new students of the environment project on the proper water testing procedures, data collection and water treatment programs.

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